One of the main advantages of Picachos is the proximity to the international airport in Mazatlan. The trip takes less than an hour now and there are improvements in the roads being made that will make the travel time even shorter. The cabins have just been completed and electricity routed to the high point where the cabins are located. The cabins consist of two bedrooms, a private bath as well as a small living area. The dining area is a short distance from the cabins.

Picachos has large numbers of bass in the 2 to 6 pound range and does have some very large lunkers in the lake as fish over 12 pounds have been caught already. It is common to catch over 100 bass per boat per day and there have been reports of catches of close to 400 bass in one day!

Due to the central location between the airport and Lake El Salto, besides our introductory package, we can also provide an outstanding package that will allow a fisherman to fish both Lake El Salto as well as the hottest lake in Mexico, Picachos!


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